Riding the Waves of Grief


Riding the Waves of Grief has been lovingly created for my queer kin as a space where our queerness, and the particular ways we navigate grief and loss, are centered and lovingly held. As we gather over 4 weeks we will learn vital information about grief that our culture doesn’t teach us and utilize pleasure and orgasm as supports to tend our grief.

The thing about being with our grief, it's a skill. 

For many of us, it’s a lost art that we are drowning without. We have been taught to push grief aside or fear it. As queer people our grief is often invalidated or not recognized as grief that is allowed to be felt. We often have to go through it alone or do our best to be supported by others who can’t or don’t understand.

The thing about pleasure is that it too, is a skill.

Our bodies are made for pleasure and we all have the things our senses delight in; as well as our patterns in masturbation and self-pleasure. Just like anything else our body is capable of doing, if we spend time practicing, we gain more capacity and savvy.

Pleasure and grief both live in the body. We get to experience them because we are beings that inhabit bodies. More than that - they are experiences that bring us back into our bodies. And because of that, pleasure can support us as we wade through the overwhelm of our grief.

How do we navigate through the immensity of our grief? 

With breath and tears and wails. 

With regular ritual spaces to gather. Where our body gets to move and emote as it needs to. 

With touch, self pleasure, containment, release.


Session 1 - Things to Know about Grief (90 mins) 

Session 2 - A Bit about Pleasure (90 mins)

Session 3 - Group Grief Ritual (2 hours) 

Session 4 - Deepening Personal Practice (90 mins)

Sessions 1, 2 & 4 will include a small talk, written prompts, embodiment practices, and opportunities to speak to our grief. 

Session 3 will be an erotic ritual space where we will set intentions around tending our individual grief and work with pleasure to metabolize the grief in our bodies. To give everyone the ability to be present to their own experience the erotic practice, cameras and mics will be off during portions of this session.

What will you gain from this workshop? 

  • Essential grief literacy: how it affects the mind/body/spirit, how to tend it, how to support others in their grief
  • Resource mapping for your own nervous system and emotional support.
  • Deeper understanding of pleasure pathways in your body. 
  • Knowledge of how arousal and orgasm help metabolize grief. 
  • Somatic experiences of grieving in community; witnessing and being witnessed in grief. 
  • Support to build you own grief rituals using self pleasure & orgasm

Important Details:

  • Open to any adult who identifies as LGBTQIA2+ 
  • Space for 10-12 attendees
  • Saturday Mornings in May: 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th at 10:30am PST (Must be able to attend all 4 sessions.)
  • Zoom Room with Captions
  • $250 per person, payment plans available. (2 sliding scale spots available. Email to request one of these spots.)

So here is the invitation to Riding the Waves of Grief

This is a chance to go deeper with how grief and pleasure move in your body. 

This is a chance to build somatic pathways to explore further for yourself.

This is a chance to bear witness and be witnessed in queer community.

This is a chance for catharsis and release.

This workshop is in service of the release. 

I’d be honored to hold and share space with you.