The (research-based) roadmap to compersion [FREE FOR PLURA+ MEMBERS]

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About the workshop

- What does it actually mean to be compersive?

- How can we access more compersion for our partner(s) and metamour(s)?

- Is compersion necessary for successful non-monogamous relationships?

In this live webinar, Dr. Marie Thouin will address these questions and more, using her most recent research findings from her PhD studies and upcoming book, 'What is Compersion?'

She will discuss her "compersion roadmap", which will help every attendee understand what promotes and hinders compersion for them. She will also demystify some of the main myths you might have heard around compersion, and share her takes on some controversial questions regarding the topic. Worry not: her compassionate and humanizing perspective will normalize "not always feeling compersion" and remove shame and blame from the equation (hint: you're not a "bad poly person" if you're not experiencing compersion!)

This event will be a blend of information sharing, Q&A, and discussion, so please bring all your questions!

🎥 This workshop will be recorded and available for replay for 4 weeks after the end of the workshop. Only ticket holders who purchased tickets prior to the end of the workshop will receive the recording.

About the educator:

Dr. Marie Thouin is a leading expert on the topic of compersion (positive empathy) and the author of the groundbreaking book, "What is Compersion? Understanding Positive Empathy in Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships” (forthcoming June 2024). She has published seminal research studies, the first-ever encyclopedia entry on compersion, and is the creator of, a popular website that features her research, blogs, and other resources on compression.

Marie is also the founder of Love InSight, a Mindful Dating & Relationship Coaching practice where she supports people of all backgrounds in creating intentional and vibrant love lives. Her work on compersion and mindful dating has been featured in several magazines and podcasts, including ELLE, the Savage Lovecast, and Multiamory. She believes in the power of conscious love to create a better world. 

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