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Hello, San Diego neighbors!

I am sure I’m not the only one thinking about Polyam friendly roommates. Especially considering the San Diego housing market. Here’s a chat event for anyone interested!

Here are some questions that could give you a good chance of finding the right roommate.

How much do you want to pay? Neighborhood? South, North, East SD? Next month? In 3 months? Next year? Favorite and least favorite chore? Early bird or night owl? Homebody or social butterfly? Have kids? A home is? My roommate key word is?

Bud any potential roommate you are interested in talking to. If they bud you back, you can talk about your schedules, pet peeves, and where you spend time with partners! I personally recommend you interview each other carefully before moving in together, but you do you. I cannot be held liable for any bad roommates. 😛

Good luck everyone!

*Since you can just talk to your friends about the possibility of being roommates, this chat is obviously for people looking for compatible strangers. Which could be great! I don’t know where I read this saying, but the gist is: Room with a friend, maybe ruin a friendship. Room with a stranger, maybe make a friend, lol.

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