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VoxBody is pleased to host another Rope Bottoms Corner. Bottoms, riggers, switches and self-tiers, join us for these quarterly rope bottoming-focused events! 

Each event will begin with a speaker-led topic by one of our amazing local rope bottoms. Topics will vary with each event and will be announced ahead of time. The second half of the event will be facilitated open discussion. 

Anyone interested is welcome to attend, no experience necessary. Please keep in mind this is bottoms-centered content, and discussions will aim to explore rope from the perspective of the rope bottom. 

May 30 : Join Starrie as she will present on the emotional connection that is fostered through rope bottoming. It’s a time for reflection, exploration, & thought-provoking discussion on how rope affects us emotionally & how nurturing that connection with one another can have the possibility of creating deeper and fulfilling scenes.

We will stick to the over-arching theme of the emotional aspect of rope during open discussion time; this is your chance to share your Burning bottoming questions and thoughts!

Upcoming Rope Bottoms Corner topics (dates and details tba soon!):

August: Mooooo presents on 'Planning a Rope Scene with your Rigger'

November: TangledUpInGray and Amermaidrenegade present on 'Chronic Pain and Rope Bottoming'

Doors open at 7:15pm. Please aim to arrive and be settled in for an 7:30 start time. We would love to leave as much time as possible for open discussion and therefore want to start on time!

A few notes about this event:

  • tickets are per individual. It is not necessary to attend with a partner; however, we do encourage riggers to attend classes and events on rope bottoming.
  • no rope or gear necessary for class. 
  • tea and water will be provided. There are cushions and pillows for sitting on the floors, and chairs available. If you don't see what you need to sit comfortably for this event, please ask a VoxBody liaison!  

Questions? Email us at

*Please read and remain familiar with our studio policies and etiquette page. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at



About May's presenter:

Starrie (She/Her) is a Bay Area Native & enthusiastic student of rope. Entering the Rope Community in 2016 she was able to explore the wonderful world of rope bondage that the Bay Area has to offer. She started co-hosting Bay Area Rope Club only a few months after it was first established starting in Fall of 2016 & has continued to be a friendly face since. Not only is she passionate about rope bondage, but she loves being a community collaborator and is also co-host of BOBAmunch, the San Francisco Bay Area group for Asian-Identifying Kinksters. She’s a firm believer of investing in their communities, taking up space, and being a champion of accessible rope education & rope bottom education. You can find her on Fet & IG @StarrieNotSorry


4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609

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