Rope Lab: Special VoxBody Nothing Burning Here edition!

  • Hosted by Twisted Windows
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 42 people on the list-

We're delighted for all our friends spending this weekend at Burning Man...for those of us still in the Bay and not burning anything, let's do some rope!

We'll provide the space, hardpoints, mood lighting, a fantastic house photographer, snacks, and music; you bring your bondage supplies and lovely presence. Photography is encouraged at this event – with the consent of everyone in the photo, of course. We will have social space and a tying area with hardpoints!

This is a laid-back and friendly event focused on rope play. While it is not a formal educational environment, we will have knowledgeable folks to answer questions. We welcome your bondage "lab time" experiments!

While coming with a partner is not required, please be aware that most attendees arrive in pairs or groupings or with tying plans already made. If you're looking for pick-up play, this event is likely not the best fit. The Bloom chat can be a great way to connect with folks ahead of the event!

The event is from 7:30pm - 11pm. Please plan to arrive before 9pm.

For this event, our house photographer will be Raj (Fet: Bobaholic / IG: @sensualsnapshots)!

Our full photo policy can be viewed here!

This event is for adults age 18+, ID required. All attendees must abide by our code of conductevent guidelines, and photo policy. Please also read our release form, which attendees are required to sign at the door.

Please carefully read our COVID guidelines to determine whether attending this event is within your risk profile.

Venue details: For this event, we will be at VoxBody Studio in Oakland! As hardpoints are limited in this location, we ask that folks respect a 1-hour limit for hardpoint use, to allow space and time for all attendees.

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