Rope Share & Jam at LBT

  • Hosted by SF Shibari
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 27 people on the list-

Part skillshare, part open-tying space, we seek to create a space for participant-led exploration of rope in a risk-aware, consent-oriented, kink-friendly space. You are welcome to participate in either the skillshare, the open-tying space, or both.

This month billyboarlet, Dancehalldyke, and slab_me_harder, will lead a rope share from 7:00pm - 8:30pm. This event is appropriate for beginners, we will have a newcomers circle with negotiation, consent, and safety discussion followed by an introduction to scenes in rope and beyond. The topics for the rest of the rope share are impromptu, please bring whatever you have been thinking about in rope, any questions, and anything you would like to share!

Doors close at 7:45pm, please plan to arrive before then!

After the skillshare everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the multiple hard points as well as dedicated floor-tying area to share your love of shibari with others. Those not participating in the rope share are welcome to make use of the tying space during the rope share.

All are welcome to share, observe, and learn.

In order to help cover the cost of the venue, and to help ensure we are able to organize additional events in the future, we are asking people to purchase tickets on a sliding scale from $15 to $30 based on their ability to pay. Tickets can be purchased via the following link:

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for entry. Please be prepared to sign a liability waiver, show your ID, and show proof of vaccination.

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