Ropes 201 with Lief Bound and Icky

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So, you’ve never touched rope or you’ve only learned online and you're looking to get your first hands on instruction? Lief and Icky know that rope can be an overwhelming endeavor to pursue and are here to make it fun and accessible. Whether your goal is advanced suspension or date night rope fun, this beginners class is for you. This class will introduce you to the basic materials you need for a successful rope scene and help you to build your risk profile. They will show you basic rope handling and technique that is foundational to all good rope bondage. You will walk away from the class knowing a few knots, some tips and tricks, and a whole lot of inspiration for the start of your rope journey!

Join us for 101 on June 2nd!

Prerequisite: None

Materials needed: 4 hanks of Rope and EMT shears. Instructors will be using jute.

You can buy rope from the Kinkstore!

Check out these beautiful qand colorful bamboo rope - perfect for bedroom and floor bondages

Interested in getting leveling up your rope skills to include suspension? Check out the premium jute

Safety Third! Don't foget to grab some safety shears!

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