Ropetastic Romp

  • Hosted by All Tied Up San Diego
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 18 people on the list-

*This is a private event for those who have already taken the Getting Started Course and completed a Waiver since July 2021. You must have completed both tasks to attend this event.

The Ropetastic Romp!

Shibari Rope Bondage in Action! This is the event where all your hard practice gets to shine for all to see.

This is the where you get to see some of San Diego's most advanced Rope Artists display their skills.

You can also take part in your own amazing scene! We rent out the entire facility to give you the opportunity to explore! This is the ONLY event where rope is not your only option! So take advantage!

Please be sure to read the rule for this event carefully and have FUN!

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