RubberDucky August: Shiny Singlets

Lube your singlets! Rubber singlets encouraged, all other singlets a lot of fun; no gear required and any rubber outfit more than welcome. Get out your kinks and have some fun!

No cover, gear friendly space, early enough to take BART back and forth across the bay, the flag has a kink in it for a reason.

🎨: @rubberomega

🎪: @sfpowerhouse


Thursday, October 10th, 7-10pm

Powerhouse Bar (1347 Folsom St, SF, CA)

No Cover


What is RubberDucky?

RubberDucky is a space to relax, chat, and meet rubber enthusiasts. There’s something special when you're surrounded in a bar by dozens in rubber. Whether you've never been in rubber, just got your first piece, or are having to throw out your work clothes to be able to fit your ever growing rubber wardrobe, RubberDucky has space for you.

With a long history standing proudly at Folsom and Dore in SOMA, Powerhouse is a venue with a diverse crowd where people go to be themselves and explore their communities unashamed. Consent can vary in form: a quick cruise, a long chase, a direct ask and an invitation to follow. Ask permission not forgiveness. A single no means no. Lets make a great space to band together, to be into rubber, to become into rubber, to experiment, and to have fun!

Upcoming Events

RubberDucky is hosted monthly at Powerhouse Bar in SOMA (1347 Folsom Street, SF, CA, USA). The next three rubber socials are August 10th, and September 14th, and October 12th. Typically several dozen are in rubber gear along with many rubber curious and friends of the community out of rubber. Powerhouse provides convenient coat check, cheap drinks, and lots of opportunities for fun. Whether you come early for more social or stay late through underwear night for more mischief, it will be great to have you there. If you'd like more details or notifications about RubberDucky events, please send us a message or follow us @RubberDuckySF.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please reach out. We're always looking to improve.

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