Rupurrr's Cat Drag Queen Art Show!

What is art? That is what a cat named Rupurrr wants to know. That is all she wants to know. She lives at this gallery and is challenging her human, Colin Hurley, to paint better by making an art show about cats expressing themselves through drag. This pride month comes at time where drag queens are being attacked by certain politicians, and Rupurrr and other artists, through collaboration, intend to show that humans are not the only ones who do drag well. This will be about paintings of cats in drag outfits but there will be no cats actually in drag. Because cats only like the idea of being in drag. They prefer to be naked. Colin Hurley is a sad, pathetic, human painter that a regal cat named Rupurrr decided adopt and teach how to really paint. Colin has done many art shows about cats trying to make it in the art world, but no cat has wanted to hang out with Colin much for the past 25 years. It's funny how Colin Hurley has identified as "The Painter of Cats" for all his 25 years of painting(he is now 40), but until Rupurrr's adoption of him, he has really truly been disregarded as an artist or even just as a worthy fool by the cat community. Mr. Hurley has been doing tribute art shows to cats at galleries about 10 years ago starting with "Let's Hear It For The Cat!", "the cat pARTy", "Feline Trouble", "Haunted By A Cat", and "Colin Hurley's Cat-astrophe!". Rupurrr has never been impressed by anything like this, nor should anyone, she says. But the truth is, Rupurrr is a very good cat. She's very angelic in her personallity. She will be hiding on her throne upstairs from the art show and only certain mortals will be able to meet her, if that, she says. Christine Thompson will be curating the paintings. Rupurrr's instagram is @rupurrr. Rupurrr has been a practicing cat for the past four years and intends to rule the art world. More than she does already, that is. You are invited. The facebook page is at

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