Sacred Saturday Soirée Pl@y Party

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This soirée will open with an inclusive tantric puja, inviting you into deeper connection with yourelf and others.


A puja is a ceremony with participantes facing each other in pairs. During each pairing you will be given a prompt and each person will have a turn to respond while the other silently holds space, giving you the chance to be fully heard and seen to whatever depth you choose to share. Pairs will then rotate for each station.

Most come away from the experience with profound gratitude and a sense of connectedness and even bliss.


Shed societal constraints and revel in an environment that transcends guilt and shame, inviting you to embrace every facet of your being without reservation!

Immerse yourself in an evening that transcends the mundane at our Tantric-inspired extravaganza, where opulence intertwines with authenticity.

This is a demisexual-friendly haven, where the air is charged with the energy of acceptance.

Our event, an enchanting playground, is not only polyamory/non-monogamy (ENM) and LGBTQ-friendly but also a celebration of unabashed self-expression.

From gentle affections to deeply lntimate encounters, every interaction is a shame-free manifestation of personal desires, governed by a code of respect and security outlined during the opening circle.

This is not just an event; it's a celebration of the vibrant spectrum of love and connection within our LGBTQ community!

And YES! Straight allies are welcome and encouraged to attend!


*Opening Puja*

Engage in a ceremony inviting you into deeper connection, and even bliss.

*Consent and Agrements*

We will cover consent, boundries, guidelines, and agreements, setting the tone for an evening of exquisite exploration.

*Free Time*

Immerse yourself in the boundless possibilities of our sophisticated playground.

*Closing Circle*

Conclude the evening with a sense of connection and shared experiences.

*Goodbyes & Clean Up*

Bid farewell to an enchanting night, leaving behind only cherished memories.


Participation is exclusively for legal adults (18+) committed to the principles of full consent. Every interaction is an articulate expression of personal boundaries, ensuring a shared understanding.


Bring your most fully expressed self to the table!

Dress COMFORTABLY yet provocatively, with a touch of allure. During this event you will be sitting, standing, and moving so make sure you will be comfortable and free to move.

You may even choose to push the envelope and try on a persona you have yet to unleash!


Towels – More than you think you need, a closed-lid container for your water, and delectable treats or non-alcoholic beverages to share with fellow connoisseurs.

We will serve ceremonial grade cacao for a mild heart-opening experience if you so desire.

Maintain sobriety as you enter this realm of authentic connections – NO ALCOHOL OR RECREATIONAL DRUGS. Your genuine energy is the only intoxicant needed.


Punctuality is paramount, as the doors lock with the commencement of the opening circle. Fashionably late is not an option; it's a celebration of presence.


In a distinguished new setting in San Diego (address revealed post-purchase), our event location is being curated to meet higher expectations.



Secure your place with early bird tickets as soon as possible.

Act swiftly, as prices rise closer to the event, encouraging early registration.

YES! Straight allies are welcome and encouraged to attend!

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No refunds are allowed as an accurate account of attendees is paramount.



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The legendary Goddess Aphrodite brings you connection events that blend deeply sensual seduction with light youthfulness and fun, and an authenticity that allows for truly deep connection.

Whether you’re bold enough to encounter her at a famous pl@y party, or barely dipping your toe into an energetics or intro level event, you will likely be captivated and swept away into a world where nothing is taboo and all of you is allowed to show up shame free so that you can expand into the truth of who you really desire to be, either for one night or forever.

Join her at an event soon and unveil the mystery 💋

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