Safe Words Presents: ¿Dónde Está Mi (Queer) Comedy

Safe Words Presents:

¿Dónde Está Mi (Queer) Comedy?

Welcome to the collaboration of a lifetime! Two incredible comedy worlds are coming together in one sensational show!

”¿Dónde Está Mi Comedy?” has been a trailblazer in showcasing the outstanding talent and cultural impact of Latin-American comedians in the Bay Area since 2016. From sold-out shows at SF Sketchfest to prestigious venues like KQED, they've been spreading laughter, chistes, besos, and amor all around! Host and creator, Baruch Porras Hernandez, has been uplifting Latinx/a/o/e artists' voices for over a decade, making this collaboration a truly special event. The show has featured comedy legends like Marga Gomez, Alejandro Ochoa, Eloisa Bravo, and more! We’re thrilled to have the privilege of hosting them at Safe Words this month for an intersectional queer, latin, show!

Safe Words Comedy Showcase, brought to you by Team Wonder Dave, has been creating safe spaces for queer audiences and accelerating the careers of queer comedians. This monthly queer comedy event at the SF Eagle Bar in San Francisco's Leather Cultural District is where hilarity and inclusivity converge. With diverse lineups, featuring established queer comedians and rising talents, it's the perfect stage for unique perspectives and clever punchlines. Covered by the Bay Area Reporter and featured on the podcast "Stereotypes," Safe Words is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable night of laughs and good vibes.

So, mark your calendars for August 23rd, and join us for a sensational fusion of Latinx/a/o/e comedy and queer humor! Get ready to laugh, connect, and celebrate the power of laughter that unites us all. This is one comedy event you won't want to miss! Follow us on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes fun. Let's come together for a night of joy, camaraderie, and the magic of comedy!


Dylan McKeever (@DeeMakes) She/They | Queer, Transgender

Dylan McKeever is a stand-up comedian, writer, artist, musician, and video maker based in California. Her work revolves around her queer identity, trans issues, race, politics, sex, and dating. She has performed at comedy venues including The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, and SF Sketchfest. She has also worked with brands including Instagram, TikTok, Giphy and ATTN. As a double earth sign, she enjoys dim sum, dog watching, and late afternoon naps.

Frida Sierra (@FridaSierraYeehaw) She/Her | Queer, Lesbian, Gender Queer, Trans

For over a decade, Frida Sierra has traveled through the United States, eating from vending machines and telling jokes to strangers. Coming out of the Bay Area, sweating profusely and speaking loudly, with electric fast-paced storytelling, Frida’s credits include the Santa Cruz Comedy Festival, the Savage Henry Comedy Festival, the Great American Music Hall, working with people such as Eric Wareheim from Tim & Eric, Tom Rhodes, and a bunch of famous comics that wouldn’t remember her. Frida has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle as well as Fox KTVU News and KQED.

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Ashley Monique (@TrashleyMonique) She/Her | Queer, Bisexual, Pansexual

Ashley Monique is a San Francisco-based comedian who delivers wry and sometimes dark humor with a disarming, earnest energy. She has opened for Melissa Villaseñor, Zoltan Kaszas, and Nimesh Patel. You can find where Ashley will be performing next on Instagram @trashleymonique.

Brandon J Leonardo (@RealHonestHips) He/Him | Gay, Queer

Brandon J Leonardo returns to the Safe Words stage for this ”¿Dónde Está Mi Comedy?” collaboration. He is yet another Queer Latino comic that disappointed his mother from Los Angeles. In his free time enjoys writing, dancing, and screaming into the abyss.

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Jota Mercury(@Emjaymercury) They/He Pansexual, Nonbinary, Gender Queer

Jota (pronounced HO-TAH) Mercury will be bringing the very first, very hilarious Burlesqe performance ever to grace the Safe Words Stage. They are an international award winning Latinx & Indigenous drag performer, MC, and professional ham who puts the cheese in machismo.


Baruch Porras Hernandez (@BaruchPorrasHernandez) He/Him | Gay, Queer

Baruch Porras Hernandez has performed comedy at fancy universities, strip clubs, bars, a cave once, but his most impressive accomplishment is having had a donut named after him at Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco. He is the creator and host of ”¿Dónde Está Mi Comedy?” He's done comedy at the legendary Ruckus and Rumpus Review, hosted and performed at the Alameda Comedy Club, and YEAH, WHATEVER! He's been featured at the Santa Cruz Comedy Festival, Oakland Comedy Festival, and has done comedy all over the Bay Area including "ManHaters Comedy," "SubMission Comedy," "Nightlife on Mars," "Its Qwere Comedy," DNA's Comedy Lab, ComedyOakland, "Whose Your Mami Comedy?," "Legs for Days," "Tourettes Without Regrets," "CatPeople," "Comedy at El Rio," "JOSH" in LA, and "Giant Robot Comedy" in LA. He's appeared at both Marga Gomez's legendary SF comedy shows "NYE Comedy Fiesta" at Brava Theatre, and "Marga's Comedy Bodega‚" at the historic Esta Noche Bar. He was born in Mexico, lives in San Francisco and will make out with your Dad.

¿Dónde Está Mi (Queer) Comedy?

7pm AUGUST 23rd

SF Eagle Bar

398 12th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Safe Words, Queer Sex-Positive Comedy Showcase takes place at 7pm every 4th Wednesday of the month at the SF Eagle Bar. Tickets are available for a suggested price of $15-$25, but ultimately are 'pay what you can'. Don't miss out on this show - grab your tickets now and come join us for a night of comedy and entertainment. We can't wait to see you there!

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Suggested Ticket Price $15-$25

The cost of your ticket goes to producing the show, paying our comedians, and fulfilling our mission to create safe spaces for queer audiences, and accelerating the careers of queer comedians

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