SAKE's Dark Revelry

  • Temple City, CA -

Create, cultivate, educate and empower positivity in the kink community.

SAKE is Asian-Oriented, but not Asian-Only; we welcome all allies and friends who support our vision and respect our culture here at SAKE. We strive to create a welcoming, entertaining and safe environment.

Our event ticket comes with a waiver and free membership after you've purchased a ticket. For legalities we need government issued ID to match information provided on the waiver form. However, our waiver form includes spaces of identification for your pronouns, your preferred name, and more.

Check your spam folder a week before the party to see instructions and waiver forms.

Sponsors: We are officially sponsored by Infinix Love, a brand new adult toy manufacturer! We're selling their new and advanced toys locally at SAKE events, so bring in your kink and bring in your freak and enjoy the latest and greatest in pleasures.

RESPECT other guests, staff, and the venue. This event will not tolerate anyone with an Asian Fetish or any form of harassment to guests.

House Rules for Play: We require that you clean up after play and leave the area as you found it; spotless. Anything less than that and you will be asked to leave the party. For any edge play you must notify a SAKE Staff member or Dungeon Monitor. Our email has our Rules & Guidelines; familiarize with them before entering the premise. We also have a banner with our rules on location. Any questions, please ask one of the Dungeon Monitors or organizers.

Dress Code: Bring on all the neon clothing and neon body paint cause it's gonna get real weird for all us folks in Divine and Wicked Zen! If you don't know how to dress; we recommend wearing your best kink gear which could be lingerie, furry suits, formal wear, latex, leather, or just plain all black. If any questions regarding dress code, please contact us.

All gender identities, sexual orientations, age, races, ethnicity, species, religions & roles are welcome and accepted! You have friends and allies here.

Cellphones and Cameras ARE NOT permitted inside. Please step outside to use them. Photography is not allowed inside without the permission of the Dungeon Monitors. There may be a photographer inside with a hazard neon vest, but will not take photos of guests without explicit consent. We respect our guests anonymity.

Limited number of parking spots available. Park behind the building on the 1st or 2nd double gate off the main street.

If there is any problems or questions during the event, please reach out for the SAKE staff without hesitation.

This is an 18+ event.

See you there!

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