[FREE] Fundamentals of Self-Consent

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Consent at Bloom

This workshop is part of the Consent Skillz education program. Bloom is partnering with key consent and DEI educators to grow our community knowledge on how to respectfully engage on this platform.

This workshop is free to attend. You will find the recording of this workshop, along with the recordings of all past Bloom consent workshops in our Consent Hub []

Event Description

When we think and talk about consent, we often think and talk about an agreement between two or more persons. In this workshop, we'll explore the notion of self-consent and apply notions of consent to our relations with ourselves. Through a mix of theory and practice, we'll learn about varieties of self-consent, how to negotiate with the self, how to genuinely listen to ourselves, and more. Whether you're a kinky edge-player eager to explore solo play or just someone looking for a deeper sense of self-understanding and communication, you'll walk away with enriched notions of the self—and of consent in general.

Host Bio

Ley David Elliette Cray, PhD (she/they) is an author, activist, coach, consultant, and educator specializing in gender, sexuality, relationship diversity, and neurodiversity. She is the founder of Transentience Coaching and currently serves as GSRD Content Specialist for the Sexual Health Alliance, where she also co-facilitates the Kink-Informed Certification Program with Midori. You can read more about her work at