Self-Suspension 101 and Rope Jam featuring Alicia T-Corn

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Join @AliciaT-Corn for a self-tying & suspension 101 class followed by an open rope jam! In this class we will cover basic rope self-suspension techniques including safety, equipment, basic chest and hip harness, and upline management. This class is taught with the assumption that attendees have a working knowledge of harness tying and basic bondage safety. After some discussion Alicia will walk the class through harness tying and a beginner friendly face up self-suspension and inversion. You will have the chance to tie along and practice the self-suspension sequence demonstrated with guidance and assistance.

Participants are not required to tie or self-suspend during the class. HD has 4 hard points inside the dungeon and 1 outside near the pool area.

Following the class section, the hard points and dungeon will be open for a rope jam and play time. Alicia T-Corn will be available to assist and spot those who want to continue what they learned in class as well as answer any other self-tying and suspension questions you may have.

Equipment required to suspend during the class:

● Safety cutting tool (safety shears)

● Climbing-rated, locking carabiners (at least 4)

● Rope! You will need rope for harnesses and for uplines (Posh Spun Polyester preferred or 8mm Hemp rope)

● A ring, climbing plate, etc. (optional)

Event Schedule:

Doors will open at 7:30pm and the class will start at 8:00pm. It's HIGHLY suggested you arrive on time to have an excellent place to sit. You don't want to miss this presentation!! Those arriving after the start time will be directed to the back of the room to find seats quietly.

Doors Open @ 7:30 pm

Class 8:00 - 9:30 pm

Open Jam 9:30 - 12:00

About the Instructor:

Alicia T-Corn is from the North Bay and has been in the Bay Area rope scene since 2015. She identifies as a queer, leather, polyamorous, rope enthusiast. Alicia started self-suspending as a way to build confidence in her rope suspension bottoming skills and to challenge herself physically. Alicia’s rope leather family’s name, T-Corns, is the combination of a T-Rex and a unicorn. The name was given to them by their community due to their weird and fun-loving collection of personalities. You can find Alicia assisting, hosting, and performing at many of the events in our North Bay Area. Her biggest goal is to share her outlook and style of rope. Alicia fully believes that this lifestyle should be fun, creative, and provide a constant opportunity for growth. She is always expanding her knowledge, passing that knowledge onto others, and making sure everyone has a great time along the way! Alicia shares a lot of love and passion for her community and spreading education that rope bondage is for everyone!

Vetting and Payment

All tickets must be paid through Forbidden Tickets and there are no sales at the door. Please rsvp on Fet ( and you’ll be given the payment promo code.

This is a vetted event and if you’re not vetted with Mean Skillz or Hidden Dungeon, you may be asked to provide additional details to start the Mean Skillz vetting process. Being vetted with Mean Skillz does not mean you are vetted with Hidden Dungeon however it does mean that you are vetted to attend this and subsequent Mean Skillz events held there. We do check profiles and being an active member of our community is required. We do not vet any requests 48 hours or less from the event.

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