Sensual Ecstatic Dance

  • Portland, OR -


DJ's SUBAQUEOUS and MOTHER VOID will be providing a provocative, sensual soundscape for the evening.

Our events feature an amazing community of vetted attendees, extraordinary DJs, instructors, performing artists, intimacy coaches, and consent practitioners in the dance community - and clearly communicated boundaries in a sensory enriched environment.

Designed to be a no-pressure, blissful party, there will be a dance floor, pampering tables, aphrodisiac treats, and beginner-friendly sensuality tastings! What will our community's offerings be? Tasting ideas include blindfolding, feathering, photographing, drawing, rope demos, literature whisperings, and more! You can volunteer to offer something spicy at our event via the Sensual Dance Community Builders sign up form!

6:30pm portal opens

6:45pm "ECSTATIC SELF INDULGENCE" All-genders dance class with TAYLOR NICOLE from GODDESS CODES

A sexy dance journey to explore the depths of your sacred yes and your sacred no. Learn how to honor yourself in every moment of your experience and listen to the whispers of your body.

Doors close at 7:25pm

7:30pm OPENING ATTUNEMENT CIRCLE with TROI DELUZ from SNUGGLE LAB. A brief but potent practice in navigating the meeting place between self and other. Together, we create a coherent field from which next-level consent, (aka attunement), is possible.

Participation in this circle is a prerequisite for attending the rest of the evening.


Isaac AKA Subaqueous’ debut album was #1 on downtempo charts and his music continues to delight dancers at transformational festivals and ecstatic dances all over the world. His unique sound invites dancers to be in touch with their kinetic nature in a deeply emotional journey.



Faren AKA Mother Void is a nomadic musician & creator, offering downtempo & dark sensual bass for intimate dance journeys. She celebrates feminine power and the movement medicine of the dance world. You are invited into the Void's nurturing embrace to find your deepest, healing flow.


Phoenyx AKA For The Love Of Gong is a long-time gong and sound bath enthusiast who specializes in relaxation, reducing stress, and restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. For this special event, she will be facilitating a sound bath experience that integrates ASMR and quotes from salacious literature.

11:00pm portal closes


Daniel Oliver AKA Fusion Dances loves designing connection and intimacy themed events that fuse dancing with other wonderful things to do. Oliver is the curator of MELT Dance, Surrender, Dungeons & Dances, and The Vibe. His events have been described as relaxing, imaginative, healing, playful, and transformative.

Reviews from past events:

“I didn’t feel pressured to do any more than I felt comfortable with.”

"Great policies and wonderful interactions."

"Producer/Emcee is setting a very high bar for what events can and should be, from pre-event to post."

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