Sensual Mastery: Exploring the Erotic Arts of Massage, BDSM & Shibari

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Experience a transformative journey at our unique workshop that explores the art of erotic massage, BDSM, and Shibari.

Sensual Mastery: Exploring the Erotic Arts of Massage, BDSM, and Shibari

Welcome to “Sensual Mastery: Exploring the Erotic Arts of Massage, BDSM, and Shibari,” a groundbreaking workshop at the intersection of intimacy, sensuality, and artistic expression.

Join us at this exciting workshop where we will dive deep into the world of erotic massage, BDSM, and Shibari, creating an open and inclusive space for individuals and couples to explore their desires and enhance their sensual connections.

Workshop Highlights:

Kink and Connection: Exploring Consent-In every aspect of our workshop, we emphasize the importance of open communication and enthusiastic consent. We provide tools and guidance to help participants navigate the complexities of intimate relationships.

Unlocking Pleasure: The Secrets of Erotic Massage-Discover the art of sensual touch and massage techniques that ignite passion and enhance intimacy. Learn how to awaken the senses, relieve stress, and build trust through the power of touch.

From Sensuality to Submission: Mastering BDSM-Delve into the world of BDSM, exploring the nuances of power exchange, consent, and communication. We’ll cover a wide range of topics, from bondage and discipline to dominance and submission, fostering a safe and consensual environment for exploration.

Rope, Restraint & Release: The Aesthetics of Japanese Bondage-Explore the aesthetic and sensual beauty of Shibari, an ancient Japanese art of rope bondage. Learn the intricate knots and techniques that create breathtaking visual displays while nurturing profound emotional connections.

What You Will Experience:

Inclusive and Safe Environment: We prioritize creating a safe, inclusive, and judgment-free space for participants of all backgrounds, genders, and orientations. Respect for boundaries and consent is paramount throughout the workshop.

Interactive Learning: This workshop encourages hands-on learning, ensuring that participants gain practical skills and insights that can be applied immediately. From basic techniques to advanced practices, there’s something for everyone.

Community and Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions. Forge meaningful connections with fellow attendees and explore your desires in a supportive community.

Artistic Expression: Discover the artistic side of eroticism as we explore how these practices can be a form of self-expression and creativity, enriching your intimate relationships in profound ways.

Seats are limited. Book today for early registration discounts

Join us on Saturday, November 25, 2023 from 9 AM-3 PM at Hippo Factory Studios for “Sensual Mastery”, a transformative experience that will deepen your understanding of sensuality, enhance your communication and consent skills, and empower you to explore the art of erotic massage, BDSM, and Shibari. Whether you’re a curious beginner or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will expand your horizons and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of intimacy.


General Admission includes lunch.

VIP Admission includes reserved seating, lunch, a goodie bag and alcoholic beverages served during lunch.

Beverage package may be purchased as an "add-on" to General Admission. Must be purchased prior to the event. No liquor will be sold on-site.

Early Registration Discount (Expires 10/15/23)

General Admission-Save $25. Use EARLY25

VIP Admission-Save $50. Use VIP50

About our Facilitators:

Our team of expert facilitators include renowned professionals in the fields of erotic massage, BDSM, and Shibari. They bring wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and sensual exploration.

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