Sex Trivia Takes Bushwick w Safe Sl@T!

  • Brooklyn, NY -

Join us for a night of fun and ridiculous Sex Trivia

Join us at Pine Box Rock Shop for a night of ridiculous and thought- provoking Sex Trivia. Our host and sex educator extraordinaire Niki Davis-Fainbloom and fantastic guest Tricia Wise (of Safe.Slut) will lead teams through a series of questions designed to challenge and educate about the human body, pleasure, and most importantly, sex!

What was the most number of Pensises anybody has ever been born with? How many popes died WHILE fucking? Roll through to find out! Winning teams will receive sexy prizes sponsored by Safe Slut Shop and a newfound understanding of how ridiculous being a human with genitals is.

Host Bio

Niki Davis-Fainbloom (she/her) is a Canadian-born, New York–based sex educator, researcher, and coach. Her work uses up-to-date research, humor, and practical advice to assist people in developing the skills needed for healthier and more satisfying relationships. Since earning her master’s degree from NYU, she has facilitated more than 500 sexual education workshops at locations including Planned Parenthood, New York University, and the United Nations. Her writing has also been featured in Mind Body Green, Cosmopolitan, and The Insider and she is in the process of writing a book aimed at demystifying fetishes. Find her on Instagram @missbloomsexeducator

Special Guest

Tricia Wise aka Safe Slut is a NYC based writer, adult model, content creator, reiki master, and sexual health advocate.Tricia was diagnosed with genital herpes in November 2019. After noticing the stigma and shame surrounding being herpes positive, she created her Instagram account @safe.slut to help people take their power back while promoting sex positivity, helping to destigmatize STIs and slut shaming, and promoting safer sex practices. In addition to this, she wanted to share her passion for herbal potions and reiki healing. Tricia also spends her time writing about sex and dating on her Patreon, selling sex toys, helping people through their herpes diagnosis with support calls and reiki, and breaking down taboos on her web series Getting Sloppy with Safe Slut. In May 2022, Tricia started her OnlyFans account, called @safeslvt to show that you can be hsv+ and still be hot af.

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