S.E.X. (Sensual, Euphoric, X-Rated): Dance Excursion!

  • Hosted by Daddy Retreat
  • New York, NY -

*This event is for male/man identified only*

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S.E.X. (Sensual, Euphoric, X-Rated): Dance Excursion - Sun 7-9pm

Host Kace Irving

Join Kace for a new kind of dance party. S.E.X. is an all inclusive dance event with lots of moving and grooving. Get comfortable with dancing and learn some sensual moves to build confidence and connect through your body. This event will start off with a warm-up and will transition into some solo and partner work to harness new ways of expressing and channeling your sexual energy. The class will end with a dance party* where you are free to explore alone or with others.

S.E.X. is all about letting go and experiencing euphoria through music and movement. Music will be a mix of electronic, R&B, and Pop music with elements of soothing undertones. As the excursion continues the music will intensify.

*If you prefer to be anonymous, masks are allowed and encouraged. Oral and Anal play is allowed during the dance party only. Please come showered.

Reminders/What To Bring

  • Apparel: Jockstraps, Undies, or fully nude preferred and encouraged. Harnesses and masks are welcomed for anonymity. Barefoot
  • Other Things to Bring: Bag (To store belongings in), Towel, Sandals/T-Shirt/Shorts (For Using the Bathroom in Hallway), Knee Pads, Water Bottle, and Toys (For the party section)


  • Consent is key. Verbal communication and body language.
  • Masks are welcomed for anonymity.
  • Be respectful to others. Kind ways to say no
  • Poppers and 420-Vape allowed (All other drugs are prohibited. You will be asked to leave, if suspected of hard drugs.)
  • Please come showered.

About Kace: Kace is an artist/performer/teacher in the NYC Metropolitan Area. He has extensive training and expertise in the field of moving and dance. He has worked as a performer at multiple Daddy Retreat events and is excited to teach and host his own events.

To find more of Kace:

***Proof of Vaccination & ID or Negative Covid test within 48hours, rapid, pcr & over the counter (Take a pic) required to attend this event***

Cost $30 Early Bird, $36 Gen Admin ($45 at the door, bring exact amount)

Refund requests must be given 24 hours in advance.

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