Sexy Slow Flow and Hold

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Sexy Slow Flow and Hold 

Release and let go moving to your breath. We lubricate our body and relax our mind. This class is a hybrid mix of the other body movement classes combined. We combine slow sexy movement with stillness. Poses and movements standing, kneeling, seated and laying down to open your chakras and create more balance within yourself.

Bring a yoga mat, water bottle

About your instructor Ronna Kirkland:

Ronna, began her movement experience as a 1 month premie in her incubator crawling from one end the the other. Unheard of behavior the premie team needed to restrain her. As a toddler she’d watch cartoons upside down with her feet on the couch. When she began endlessly jumping on the bed, her parents preemptively  purchased her a trampoline 

Ronna continued to train herself to eventually become an Olympic hopeful at the age of 10 and competitive gymnast. As a young adult, her explorer emerged as she traveled the country performing exotic, go-go and burlesque dancing. Decades before its popularity, Ronna taught the art of exotic dance to thousands of students! 

As a “grown up”  as she now calls herself,  she uses massage, yoga, chakras, tantra and professional cuddling as a way to heal her and other bodies from injury and stress. 

Her purpose is to teach others as she guides you through poses and movements to open chakras and move stuck energy inside the emotional and physical body to maintain a well balanced soul.  


$30 each 

Or 4 pack for $100 (save $20)

Accept: Cash, Venmo, Zelle

Please Bud me or accept my bud request. There may be further contact needed before attending the class. Zoom class links will be sent after payment. Physical address will be sent after contacting me. Payment may be made in person.