SF: Improv Social with the Fists of Improv

  • Hosted by Wicked Grounds
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 20 people on the list-

The Fists of Improv is a queer & kink-centered improvisational theater troupe. We utilize mindfulness- and presence-based techniques to not only build our improv theater scenes but also to learn how to let go of negative thought patterns that can bog down the creative process. Our ultimate goal is to create performances and workshops to entertain, enlighten, and celebrate our kinky queer creative community.

Our meetings start with beginner games and awareness techniques with the last hour usually focused on more advanced practice for the core performer troupe. Anyone is welcome to participate in the beginner practices or even just to watch. There's no gatekeeping for the "advanced" stuff either, but building trust among a theater troupe requires commitment, and we don't want folks to feel pressured at the start.


Gayle (they/them) is experienced in primarily drag and kink theater (Terror Vault, Thrillpeddlers, Meow Mix @ the Stud, etc).

Ovan (he/him) has trained with some of the great improvisational masters like Dave Razowsky and Beverly Swanson. He was also one of the founding members of San Jose State University's Improv team, The League of Extraordinary Improvisers. Ovan also led improv workshops at Further Confusion and will be presenting at FWA, Furry Weekend Atlanta.

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