SF: The Future Is Queer: Divination Skill-Share

  • Hosted by Wicked Grounds
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 16 people on the list-

Queer? Kinky? Want to know more about divination, but put off by the rigidly gendered and hierarchical nature of more traditional methods? Been practicing for years and just want to chill with some witches and readers over coffee or a milkshake? Whether you’re a wizened practitioner of many decades or have never picked up a divinatory tool in your life, this is the munch for you. Bring your decks, dice, runes, books, bones, pendulums, or just your curiosity! Your hosts will be on hand with demo tools and an enthusiasm for several different divination systems as viewed through a queer lens.


Avery (they/them) is an avid tarot reader and bibliomancer, among other stranger methods. They would love to answer any questions about both the basics of tarot and details on any of the more obscure stuff anyone might be curious about. They will also have friendly loaner tarot decks available for use during the event. Avery’s Fetlife is @TheQueenOfRods

Aya (they/them) is an anxious agender asexual kinkster who also crafts magical tools, sigils, and rune sets for various Wicked Grounds events. They are always happy to answer questions or give guidance around runes, their meanings or uses, and how to combat white supremacists’ attempts at misappropriation of runes. Aya can be found at Pack Night or on Fetlife @AnxiousAce

Please note: Wicked Grounds follows all local requirements with regards to Covid safety, and you will require proof of vaccination and an appropriate mask to attend.

Attendance is free; however, supporting the cafe however you can —via milkshake, coffee, snack, or Patreon—is encouraged!


This event will be held in the Wicked Grounds Annex. Please note that stairs at the front door are the only means of ingress and egress to the space. Proof of COVID vaccination and masking are both required for all participants.

Please do not attend in person if you have any respiratory symptoms whatsoever. Anyone displaying signs of respiratory symptoms may be asked to leave, regardless of vaccination status.

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