She Leads: FLR Dating 30+

  • Hosted by SheMagick Events
  • NY -
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Join us on Friday, May 17th, 7-9 pm, in Brooklyn, for a night of FLR dating.

Come meet your person! Or make friends with others looking for an FLR just like you. This event is meant to help us get away from our screens and in person where we can skip the "Is there chemistry" question. We'll have games to help everyone loosen up and unique ways to mix and match folks in the room for 1-1 conversations. The games will be meant to help you meet almost everyone in the room. The open mingling in the end will help you meet the rest.

This night subs will make it clear who they are hoping to connect with (using a fun tool we'll supply for attendees) and the Females will then be able to pick who they want to move forward and speak to based on this information. Expect a night of connection, conversation, and honest fun!

Subs, we ask that you bring something that says something about you. Your favorite book, something you collect, that poem that 100% speaks to who you are. There will be a point in the night where you'll speak about what you brought and why. Make the effort to ensure the women in the room can get to know and understand who you are!

Tickets are $20 until the day of the event when they are $25.

What can you expect?

The night will be broken into parts that each involve questions and games to help get the flow going. You'll be broken into groups of 2 or more at various points and get to engage in connection or love. The night's intention is to help the entire group get to know one another.

Dress Code:

We ask that folks dress nicely. This is a subjective word. So to help with that, we ask that you dress to impress. Dress as you would to attend a company event. Whether the company you think of is artistic or corporate, dress with intention and care. Pull out the sharp top, the nice jeans, the sexy shoes. Come ready to meet your person! Have a question? Ask.

Can I come if I am poly and have a partner?

Yes! This event is for all who are searching for love or more partners. However, your relationship(s) take shape.

Who is this event for?

This event is for both female, male, nonbinary, trans, etc. subs looking for a Female lead in their relationship. This is for Females who Lead in their relationships and are looking for any gendered submissive.

The event venue serves snack food (mozzarella sticks, tots, fries, etc.) and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are accepted only. In other words, a cashless venue.