SHEDDING - A Paid Body Healing Research Workshop

Liberation is a technique. 💫

At Shedding, you will honor your own personal shedding and the constant cycles of personal and global becoming and unbecoming, practicing how to live playfully in perpetual apocalypse.

Facilitated by @kaihazelwood, you’ll move slow, move gently, and invite individual and collective grief to play while you care lovingly for your nervous systems, hang out, and connect with each other. 😌

Come join this QTBIPOC gathering space (virtually from home or in-person at @pieterperformancespace) to support personal and collective healing and embodiment. ✨

There are only *10 spots per play group* (2 play groups total) and all participants will be paid $120, thanks to support from @calartscouncil@cpcacreativecorps, and Community Partners. 🤲🏽