SMACKED: A 42O-friendly Kink & Play Party (QTBIPOC-specific edition)

  • Hosted by Amun's Edibles
  • NY -
  • 62 people on the list-

The wait is over…SMACKED is happening! Welcome to a 42O-friendly night of kink and play, curated by and for QTPOC folks. This edition of SMACKED is QTBIPOC-only for 4/20. If you do not identify as QTBIPOC, this is not the party for you.

SMACKED is a private, vetted play party, located in a secret, invite-only social space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

This is a substance-positive play party with infused 🍃 treats and alcoholic drinks available for purchase—plenty of vegan and gluten-free options will be available! You must be 21+ to attend. ID’s will be checked at the door.

Here’s a few fun things to expect at the party:

  • an electroplay kink tasting station by Goddess Blu (@make.kink.browner on Instagram)
  • infused 🍃 treats by Amun’s Edibles (@amuns.treats on Instagram)— keep your personal stash at home!
  • a dab bar by Damon
  • a full floor of kink and play, with many implements and tools to make the night even more fun—but please also bring your own implements to make the party even more fun!
  • an private backyard outdoor smoking area, with a fire pit
  • kinky party games 😛…
  • and more!

COVID Policy: We will require all attendees to have at least 2 shots + booster (we will check vaccination docs at the door) as well as a confirmed negative rapid test from the day of the party.

Kink & Sex: While this party is sex-positive, there is only one semi-private area to have sex, which will be reserved for exhibitionists ✨ This is primarily a kink play party, with light play and voyeurism encouraged. We can’t wait to play with you!

As this is a vetted event, you will not be able to purchase tickets until you are vetted. Please fill out the vetting form at the ticket link and we will contact you by email with instructions to purchase tickets if you pass vetting.