Somatic Inquiry with Laura V Ward - Embodied Awareness on ZOOM

We will dive into awareness through micro-movement, sensation, sound, and breath in the comfort of your own zoom!

Dive into the fluid wisdom of your own body using breath, touch, resonant sound, and sensation to expand awareness and deepen your experience of being human in this 45-minute somatic inquiry practice. Slowing down and coming into coherence within your physiology offers your nervous system a chance to unwind and deepen into healthier vagal tone, and more robust bodymind resilience. Connect with the playful dance of aliveness in your organic stardust body of water to access the biomorphic well of resources within.

Join from the comfort of your own Zoom and be guided through a movement meditation practice. You can take this class at any level of movement that feels comfortable to you. You can be in a chair, in bed, or on the floor. You are encouraged to move or not move in accordance with your own inner intelligence.

Laura Victoria Ward is a maximalist artist, choreographer, somatic movement educator, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, teacher, musician, and painter. She is the artistic director of Kingston Contemporary Dance Theatre, and has been teaching, creating dance theater, and performing in New York State, the Hudson Valley, and internationally for over 25 years.

Participating equally in both experiential and performative practices–including movement, awareness, and expression—lays the foundation for Laura's work, which includes creativity, play, inquiry, and the infinite wonder of existing in a human body. An expansive knowledge of diverse movement practices, hands-on bodywork, anatomy, and kinesiology underpins Laura’s playful investigation including Continuum Movement, classical ballet training, physical theater, and nondual awareness meditation (à la Michael Taft). She has been meditating for over 30 years.