Soulful Flow: Vinyasa Yoga with Anne Rene

  • Hosted by The Alembic
  • Berkeley, CA -

This class intertwines asana, breath, awareness, attention to transition, and experiencing a personal connection to movement

Soulful flow is a robust vinyasa yoga class that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. Anne-René has always been drawn to the spiritual side of life and yoga. This influences her movement meditations that are physically challenging and inspiring to the heart. Her class intertwines asana, breath, awareness, attention to transition and experiencing a personal connection to the movement that opens the door for a meditative flow to wake you up. Hand mudras, chanting, inspired readings, and music are incorporated into the class.

About the teacher:

Anne-René is a dance artist, Alexander Technique teacher and the artistic director of Sculpted Motion. She began her yoga studies back in New York City in the 1990's. In 2008 she received her Vinyasa yoga teaching certification from the White Lotus Foundation. She is inspired and influenced by her many teachers and studios: Ty Landrum, Sara Baird, Erin Dudley, Keith Borden, Cindi Lee's Om Yoga Center, Laughing Lotus Yoga, and the anatomical teachings of Irene Dowd and Leslie Kaminoff. Other influences are Krishnamurti, Ram Das, Kundalini yoga, Gaga, and Gyrotonic.

"I have always expressed myself through movement. I find inspiration in watching the sky, feeling the sun on my skin and the wonderment of the night sky. Trees are amazing, animals are graceful, poetry can bring me to my knees. I find comfort in the resiliency of the human spirit and kind words from my friends. There is a fullness and flow to life that I know exist and I find comfort in knowing that I am a work in progress flowing toward it."

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