SoulPlay 2023

  • Hosted by SoulPlay
  • Cobb, CA -
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Join us for SoulPlay's 8th edition!

4 Days. 60 Presenters. 80+ Workshops. An All-Inclusive Experience.

SoulPlay is a 4-day immersive experience that encourages you to discover something new about yourself, and about how you interact with the world. It’s filled with classes and workshops on a variety of topics including dance, communication, personal growth, touch, sensuality, yoga, art and more! The evenings are packed with live music, singing by the fire, and epic dance parties!

SoulPlay is an alcohol and substance free event. The premier sober festival in the US! It's an opportunity to practice being present, while connecting in community.

SoulPlay strives to create a container through which we can all be our fully expressed selves. The depth, joy and playfulness we dream of is only realized if we are all included, welcomed and celebrated. We are continually working as an organization and as a community to support this vision.

It's a sober, connected and playful environment. More than a party, SoulPlay is an opportunity to experience community in its aspirational form, where everyone is celebrated and supported as the unique beings that they are. It's an experimental, low pressure "laboratory" where you can try out different ways of being, both with self and others, and decide at the end which you'd like to adopt and which to discard.

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