SoulPlay Connect - Oct 20th, 2023

  • Hosted by SoulPlay
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 158 people on the list-

We are excited to invite you to a special "SoulPlay Connect" event on Friday, October 20th in Oakland! 

This is an opportunity to celebrate our full-spectrum human-ness in a meaningful and playful way. Where we are free to be, interact and evolve in ways that feels nourishing, without fear of judgment or shame.

This event is created by the SoulPlay Team to give you a taste of this festival's spirit of joy and connection. Come drop into your body, open your heart and let your true self-play among kindred souls.

Whether you are already a SoulPlay fanatic or you're new and have been wanting to check out our vibe, this night is FOR YOU! Perfect for people who enjoy having a lot of fun while deeply connecting and being real, with new and old friends. ;)


- Playful connection introduction workshop

- Partner dancing workshop

- Celebratory DJ sets

- Connection ceremony


- Tea Lounge

- Cuddle Spaces

- Facilitated connection games all night

- Sober and Playful


New venue for us - the incredibly beautiful and majestic Lake Merritt Dance at the Veterans Memorial building in Oakland. We are very excited to share this magical space with you. 


Our entire storage trailer, the one that contained almost everything we owned at SoulPlay, was stolen earlier this summer from its resting place at our venue.

The financial loss is estimated at above $50,000. Unfortunately, none of this loss will be covered by insurance. Though this is much more devastating than a financial loss. That trailer contained a lot of our history. The accumulation of things over the past 8 years of producing SoulPlay events.

Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed to our fundraiser for recovering from the theft of our trailer. We are grateful to have raised $32,000 so far (over 60% of our goal!)

Please help us reach our goal so we can continue to produce these amazing events. Thank you!!

If you are able to contribute, please either use the donation option in the tickets or follow the following link:

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