Sound Healing Cuddle Puddle!

  • Hosted by Straya Sun
  • Austin, TX -

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Come make new connections and experience the therapeutic effects of platonic intimacy and sound healing in fun and consent-based space.

Have you ever wanted to cuddle with friends but didn't know how to ask?

Do you desire to engage in platonic intimacy but also want to learn how to comfortably ask for what you want?Perhaps you crave interaction in a space with no agenda, and you desire to feel the comfort and regulation capacity of consensual touch.

Well this is the event for you!

In this experience we’ll be practicing our communication skills, honoring boundaries, and exploring friendly touch in a facilitated non-segs ual container. This will be a safe space to fully express yourself, experience community with supportive people and discover tools/techniques that can benefit you and all of your relationships.

So what is platonic touch? And what makes it so powerful?

In this container we will use mindful touch to explore the many depths and dimensions of connection without provoking, pursuing or cultivating segg sual arousal. The intention will purely be to practice touch that has no other outcome than to connect with others. Platonic intimacy is so powerful as it can help breakdown hetero-normative stereotypes that often prevent us from being able to touch or cuddle with friends of the same sex, or even with friends of the opposite sex, someone new, or someone we know well, etc.

There is so much potential for healing and breakthroughs from this type of work. With greater transparency and no hidden agendas we are able to more easily go with the flow and experience the magick of staying present.

Safety, consent and transparency are the top priorities in this container. To invoke the best of these ideals we will be doing an opening circle to drop-in and connect, exercises to inspire authentic relating, and agreements to ensure we are all on the same page regarding how to communicate for the most positive experience. We'll practice the “Three Minute Game” from the “Wheel of Consent” so we can work on better understanding what it is to give and receive while honoring our own boundaries and bodies. There will also be an amazing sound bath to help us dive deep into relaxation and experience incredible healing through music, vibration, and singing. We will wrap up and close out the event with an integration circle to express our thoughts and any breakthroughs we experienced.

Because this will be a consent-based space. You're under no obligation to do anything you don't desire to do. In face, we'll be celebrating No's here! Voyeurism (witnessing) is always considered participation. Come and watch the whole time if you desire!

Bring your favorite blanket and wear comfy clothing!

Some sensation tools will be available to use and feel free to bring some of your own!

Yummy plant-based snacks and beverages come included in the ticket price.

Those who identify as womxn: Do you deeply desire to attend but need some financial assistance? We may have a discount for you, email to inquire (limited amount available)

Desire to pay it forward? Purchase an extra ticket or reach out to us directly to see how you can sponsor other participants in financial need. This helps us create more accessibility for our community.

For participation, you agree to:

+Only attend if this is a “Heck Yes!” for you [remember, this event doesn't not involve segs ual activities, clothes will be on the entire time and consent is top priority for all exercises we do]

+Honor attendance policy—No rainchecks or refunds, and no exceptions

+Honor others in this container, honor confidentiality, and ask for consent always.

+Show up early! Arrive by 6:10 pm to check-in and get settled before we start. Right at 6:30 pm the container will be closed to inspire and protect the feeling of safety for all participants. Doors will be locked and there will NOT be late admittance—Just be early!

The exact house number will be provided upon registration.

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What people have said about the types of events we've curated:

“I love having a space to meet other people who think like me, so thank you!” - Sarah M.

“You create a really amazing space and container. I felt totally safe and the activities we did really helped me get a deeper understanding of myself. I appreciate the community you’re creating” -T.B.

"After this I feel invigorated and exhilarated!"- Past participants

I look forward to meeting you at the event!

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