Sound Temple with Nāda Brahmananda

You remember it in your bones. Your blood knows the songs; your body recalls the ancient movements that danced the songlines in previous births. It is recorded in every tradition–this way of communion with sound and movement–where we gather in love to remember what was forgotten.

You are invited to embrace the totality of your being in this space: to move your body, to cry out in ecstasy or pain. We will hold each other in the most profound resonance of sacred sound as our rhythms synchronize and our hearts beat as ONE.

Curious, but need a bit more info? This event is an online sound ceremony that includes a pre-ceremony ritual, sound healing and integration circle. 

Join Us In The Temple:

By Donation | Pre-registration Required


About Nāda Brahmananda

Nāda Brahmananda is a sonic mystic on a mission to build temples of sound around the world. Weaving chant and mantra across traditions into tapestries of transmissional sound codes, Nada creates ceremonial containers designed to bring us back into resonance with our most authentic expressions of loving service, so that we may once again vibrate the cosmos together as one being.