Spanking Mild to Wild with Miss Chris!

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The most intimate of touches, the most searing of sensations, it can be fiery hot or icy cold, humiliating and at the same time nurturing, inducing of guilt while forgiving it. Spanking is the most versatile, the most culturally ingrained, the most socially acceptable form of kink under the BDSM umbrella. Often thought of as a “gateway kink” or even as entry-level, nothing could be further from the truth.

This class will blow the socks off of anyone who still thinks of spanking as just “a childhood punishment”. From mild, a dreamy percussive whole body spanking, to WILD, a bloodletting vampire glove spanking, and all of the delicious variations that fall in between, Professional spanker, Miss Chris will introduce and demonstrate a whole range of possibilities all having to do with the multifaceted spank.

Whether you're an ethusiastic spanker, or a nervous spankee, all levels of experience are welcome to this exciting, comprehensive class on the oldest of all traditional forms of domestic discipline.

About Miss Chris:

Miss Chris is a switchy-pan-poly edge player, Professional Disciplinarian, certified life coach, webmaster, toymaker, and international BDSM educator. She founded the Sun Valley Spankos, now Spank University, back in Feb 2009, which melds the education from the BDSM world, with the party culture of the spanking community. She is proud to have presented in many countries like Italy, Canada, Ireland and Spain. MC has delivered fetish based workshops at vanilla conferences, too, including Darkcon, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Councilors and Therapists (AASECT), and Mensa, and she has recently appeared on The Doctors TV show. She is appreciative of her opportunities to contribute to the Science of BDSM, to speak with mainstream media about spank therapy and to help raise consciousness of the BDSM lifestyle. Miss Chris has been awarded twice, the DomCon Special Guest of Honor for her contributions to the professional lifestyle. On a personal level, she’s a Butchmann's Academy graduate and recurring presenter at her home club, the Arizona Power Exchange in Phoenix, AZ.