• Hosted by Sanctuary PDX
  • Portland, OR -

Presented by Cinder & Miss Josie

Are you curious about Kink? A regular player looking for another party to do wonderfully horrible things with your partner? This party is made for you! Every month, Spanktuary will feature a class ranging from skills and techniques to consent and negotiation and more. At nine o’clock we will have a presentation on dungeon etiquette and safety for those new to the scene to get acclimated to the play party. We welcome all kinds of kinks including impact play, rope, bondage, electrical play, role playing and more! We welcome all people 21+, regardless of color, race, religion, sexual identity or gender. Racism, homophobia, transphobia and general bigotry are not welcome here. Our mission is to put play first and give everyone an opportunity to explore their fantasies!

Spanktuary features:

• Sectioned off play spaces to limit interruptions.

• Dungeon furniture including a St. Andrews Cross, spanking benches, and multiple hardpoints.

• Dungeon Monitors to help set up your play space and keep you safe.

Dress Code:

Please make an effort!

Fetishwear, all-black, and lingerie are all encouraged.

Or your favorite Taylor Swift themed outfit.

Work clothes, athletic wear, shorts, caps and street clothes are discouraged.



DO NOT touch anyone or anything that does not belong to you without express consent.

• Treat EVERYONE with kindness and respect

• Be respectful of scenes

Do not interrupt scenes by entering their space, touching the people involved or having loud conversations near them.

• Speak with a Dungeon Monitor or Party Host before moving furniture


• No predatory behavior

•DO NOT MONOPOLIZE FURNITURE/HARDPOINTS! Please limit your scenes to 45 minutes and allow other players to use the space before engaging in another scene.

-If you claim a space with your toy bag or hardpoint and we see it not being used for 15 minutes, we will ask you to start your scene, or remove your stuff to allow others to play.

• Cleaning supplies and safer sex supplies are available at all play stations. Clean furniture before and after your scene.

• No gun or knife play

• No blood, urine, scat, or vomit play

• No fire or wax play

• No breath play

No CNC or race play

• Calling “RED” or “SAFEWORD” will be seen as a call for immediate stoppage of a scene and will alert the Dungeon Monitors.

• PLEASE use common sense

• Have a good time!

Sanctuary is 21+, LGBTQ+, ADA, anti-racism, and celebrates diversity. Enter on Ninth

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