Spiky & Ouchy: Needle Play 101 - with RadicallyDark - 🌍ONLINE + 🔴Rec

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Class Description

This is the 1st class of a 2 part series on Needle Play! The parts are independent.

2nd Part --> Pretty Sadistic Sharps: Needle Play 201

🎫 Part 2 Tickets:

Interested in exploring the world of needles & blood play?

This class is perfect for you!

We will be covering everything you need to know to start your needle play adventures in the world of spiky and ouchy. Including:

- Medical asepsis (clean technique)

- Bloodborne pathogens & other risks

- Scene prep, risk profiles & negotiation for blood.

- Overview of skin anatomy as well as the after effects of needle play

- Application methods and safety for needle play

- Basic wound care

- Q&A & Demo

And more :)

Tune in and bring your curiosity and your questions!

⚠️CONTENT WARNING!!!: There will be photographs of blood & bloody body parts, as well as needles in the skin and outside of the skin -the photographs are of the presenter and the presenters play partners and are being shared with their consent.


### 🔴 🎬REC: This event will be recorded and will be available to view for 14 days.

Only the presenter and the moderators are being recorded.

### 🖥️ PRESENTATION SLIDES: Will be provided to all ticket holders for future reference!


About the presenter:

RadicallyDark (She/They) is a UK based Sadomasochistic blood player. She is trained in First Aid and Bloodborne pathogen certified and has been active in the scene since she was 18. She worked her way into Needle play and Blood play shortly after. A fanatic of education, safety, and blood, she has taken her switchy knowledge and passions and channeled it into workshop creation and teaching.



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