Salem Tuesday Munch presents: Light Me Up: Energetic Impact, Sensation, and Electro Play w/ Maeve McBride

Join @MaeveMcbride for Light Me Up: Energetic Impact, Sensation, and Electro Play!

Energetic exchange is a powerful element in any erotic encounter. In many kinky play sessions quite often, much emphasis is given to D/s dynamics and the intensity and frequency of impacts to set the scene. This class will introduce you to the more subtle arts of sensing, reading, and consciously working with energy for hotter and more intensely pleasurable play. Learn how to direct your attention, intention, and the intensity of sensations to (often ignored) areas of the body, dive deeper into erotic embodiment, increase the energy of a scene and your overall satisfaction with kinky play.

In this class you will learn several energy work techniques and be introduced to non-traditional ways of using common kink toys, and non-traditional implements. Topics covered can quickly increase satisfaction with your impact and sensation play and create heightened sensations and states of consciousness in the physical, emotional, and energetic body.

Class will conclude with a demo of some basic electro toys and other fun zappy things to get the adrenaline pumping and combine with energy points..

Our guest Bootblack for the night will be @LukkiGirl!

Our Bootblacks can care for your leather shoes/boots, skirts, kilts, toys. Whatever's clever as long as it's leather. Please remember to tip your Bootblacks!

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What is the Salem Munch? 

We are a sex-positive & kink-centric group of folx who meet bi-monthly over our love of authentic, healthy sexuality while building connections in our community! We are a queer, trans/gender non-conforming, & BIPOC-friendly munch. The Tuesday Munch meets *every second Tuesday*; the Saturday Munch meets *every third Saturday*. The space is stair free with plentiful parking.

The Salem Munch also offers a library of sex-positive & kink-centric books available for community members to borrow. Education is our kink & we're here to help spread it!

A basket will be raffled! Ticket prices are below; buy more for more luck!

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$20 = 30 Tickets

THANK YOU for your raffle support; this allows us to offer better baskets & bring help bring educators to Salem. It’ll be a great time for all! You get to connect with like-minded people.

Come early to hang out, sip a drink, or order dinner.

Please order your food and beverage at the bar; they will bring it to you in the munch room.

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Please direct any questions Lady Vivus (munch organizer)

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