Storytime! “Bon Voyage: Travel & Adventures”



Take a trip down memory lane and explore your TRAVEL STORIES at this fun and interactive event hosted by Storytelling Coach Liz Morrison.

From epic adventures halfway across the world to a moment you saw your own city with new eyes, heavily scheduled trips to all the tourists' hotspots to meandering adventures with no itinerary, every trip is a unique memory that shapes our worldview.

Tonight, we're exploring BON VOYAGE: Travel & Adventures!

Travel is one of the best ways to expand your horizons and learn how we are all connected. It forces us to be our most authentic selves, having to navigate unfamiliar territory, communicate with new people, and appreciate how beauty exists everywhere. Travel can be exciting, annoying, awe-inspiring, and life-changing.

Come share tales of the trips and travel companions that made an impact on you. Where would you go back to in a heartbeat? Who did you meet who made your experience better? What place will you never forget?

Through the lens of this relatable theme, we’ll explore our personal stories and discover our shared connections. Here’s what to expect for our time together:

🗣 THEME INTRO: We’ll explore our theme through easy games, group discussions, and a featured storyteller.

💬COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS: We’ll get into small groups and answer fun, thought-provoking question prompts to spark memories and find things we have in common.

🎤 STORYTIME! EXCELLENT!: 3 folks will have the opportunity to get up on stage and share their theme stories with everyone.

At Storytime, everyone is encouraged to share, listen, and engage. Come swap stories and spark deeper relationships with fellow Groundfloor community members and other storytelling enthusiasts. You might even meet a new friend!

We can't wait to hear all of your amazing BON VOYAGE: Travel & Adventure stories and create a memorable evening of storytelling and connection.

“Storytime is part The Moth and part quality conversations in small groups. Nights like these feed the soul!” - Chris, Storytime Attendee

“I love that Storytime is a safe place for people to connect over shared experiences. Liz does an incredible job making storytelling accessible and fun! It’s a fantastic way to get to know people beyond small talk.” - Jessica - Storytime Attendee

“I especially like the way that Liz empowers even the shyest attendees to tell stories with a scaffolding throughout the night that helps them build confidence and remember that they indeed have stories to share, and great ones too!” - Naum - Storytime Attendee


Liz Morrison is a Storytelling Coach and Conversation Guide who helps you shape and share your most powerful stories through interactive storytelling events, workshops, and coaching.

With 15+ years experience creating human-story-driven content for companies (Airbnb), campaigns (Obama 2012), and cable (Bravo), Liz has helped hundreds of regular people (and some celebrities) turn their stories into catalysts for positive change (from electing a president to finding love on a dating show.)

Now, Liz is on a mission to help people and teams discover their storytelling superpowers.

Her approach combines the art and science of storytelling, where you’ll gain the tools to use your stories to communicate better, deepen relationships, and inspire meaningful action. Through Liz’s frameworks and prompts, you’ll identify great stories, develop effective storytelling skills, and use the power of storytelling for good.

So join Liz and build a better future, one story at a time.


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