Sunday’s with Pusspuss

  • Hosted by House of Pusspuss
  • Los Angeles, CA -
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Venice is my favorite! This a dog friendly venue. Bring your pooch!


I’m Pusspuss aka Kiki in the Summertime! I enjoy getting people to go out and meet others. All are welcome!!

(All inclusive munch. Shy, introverts/extroverts, the kooky and eclectic)

I consider these get together's as a soft intro to the lifestyle and community. I am a fan of new. New places, new faces, new foods and new friends. I'm also a fan of the same. I am a creature of habit but together we can try new places, faces, foods and things. Come hang out for a bit, tell me all about you. Thank you for lurking!

I like daytime meets. I want to see your lovely faces. There’s usually an after party.

This is the invite. You just show up.

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