Sustainable Intimacy: Reignite the Flame for the Long Game

Sundays April 21st and 28th • 1-6pm • Oakland

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Do you and your partner miss that old feeling of excitement and passion that has faded into complacency and predictability?

Do you yearn to reignite the spark in your relationship and unlock a whole new level of connection?

Struggling with different libidos, relating to sex like it’s a chore, and feeling rejection and resentment are just some of the challenges couples in long-term relationships face. When intimacy gets stagnant it can be hard to find ways to reconnect sexually that feel genuine and pleasurable.

Renowned intimacy coaches and educators Dr. Alison Ash and her husband Sebastian Clarke of offer this course to give couples effective tools for rediscovering nourishing intimacy and practical steps for creating lasting change.

This safe and supportive environment will allow you to unearth the specific challenges and beliefs that have hindered your intimacy and learn tailor-made strategies to overcome them. Through carefully curated activities, exercises, and discussions, they’ll guide you on a sensual journey to reignite desire, explore new pleasures, and rejuvenate your romantic connection.


In this experiential course, you will:

* Uncover the various libido blockers that get in the way of your turn on, pleasure, and intimacy and receive the tools and skills that will help you overcome them together.

* Learn how to get out of the anxious-avoidant dynamic, cohabitator-coparent roles, and the pressure-rejection cycle and effectively explore feelings, needs, and desires.

* Explore how to make tailor-made verbal, physical, and romantic bids for intimacy that will allow you to successfully woo your partner.

* Discover how to create fun and exciting intimacy dates with a menu of ways to connect authentically and without pressure by attuning to the rightness of the moment.

* Acquire an array of practices that will support you to rediscover your desire and increase your capacity for giving and receiving pleasure.


Course content applicable to both monogamous and non-monogamous dynamics.


You will receive a customizable roadmap with the 35 page Sustainable Intimacy Booklet, which will support you to:

* Identify your specific intimacy blockers including pressure, insecurities, shame, conflict, stress, and more along with the skills to overcome them

* Engage in self-reflection exercises designed to foster a deeper understanding of your desires, needs, and fears when it comes to intimacy.

* Use the informational handouts to easily refer back to and remember the concepts, activities, and tools shared throughout the course.

* Select and record the specific practices and techniques that will empower you to continue to nurture your intimacy long after the course concludes.




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Early Bird Ticket — $495 for 2 people

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"My partner and I have been so caught up in parenting, work and life that we had started to feel more like coworkers than in a relationship. We left the workshop feeling more connected both emotionally and sexually and also so much clearer about what caused us to fall into that rut and how to avoid it moving forward. We wholeheartedly recommend this course!" - S. M.


"We have tried so many things that haven’t worked and I can honestly say this was the profound reset for our relationship that I had started to question if it was even possible. I am so grateful to Dr. Aly and Seb for their assistance, humor, and thoughtfulness in the ways they made the material so accessible and applicable." - C. T.


"This workshop gave us the traction we’ve been hungry for in a way that feels authentic, accessible and real. We know what we need to work on and what each of us can do to show up more fully for the other. We already feel so much closer and are excited to continue to put this into action so we can maintain our intimacy." J. J.


Instructor Bios

Dr. Alison Ash, aka Dr. Aly, is a trauma-informed sex and intimacy coach and educator, Stanford University Lecturer, author, and founder of As a sociologist with a PhD from Stanford, she has a comprehensive understanding of the complex societal challenges that often lead to unsatisfying and disempowering sexual experiences. She designs workshops, courses, and retreats and offers individuals and couples coaching to give others the tools to discover their desires and confidently pursue them.


Dr. Aly is teaming up with her husband and intimacy coach, Sebastian Clarke. In their coaching practice, they frequently work with couples in long term relationships who are struggling to keep the spark alive. Through offering experiential practices, they support these couples to find new ways of being in connection with each other. Sebastian also has more than a decade of experience working with neurodivergent folks, supporting them to increase their capacity for healthy relating. In addition, he's a trauma-informed massage therapist specializing in nervous system regulation. 


Important Info

* Tickets are sold in pairs. If you want to come as a group of 3 or more, contact

* We welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship structures, ages, body types, races and ethnicities.

* A limited number of sliding scale tickets are available. Apply for a sliding scale ticket or send an email to to volunteer. 

* Please note tickets are not refundable. You may transfer them to another pair of individuals but not to a future event.

* Please take an at-home antigen test on the day of the workshop and take a photo of your results. Tests can also be purchased at the door for $10. If you are feeling unwell or develop symptoms, please stay home. Masks will be optional.

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