Switches Munch

  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 13 people on the list-

People anywhere on the D/s-T/b spectrum who find themselves evolving toward switching.

Everyone’s welcome to participate, or just listen in on the conversation. We’ll start off each munch with a short round of introductions.

Your hosts are: @nottygirl96.

What’s this munch all about?

Top/bottom? How about both! This is a munch for those of us who embrace the power of switching. Come here to spend time with fellow switches and participate in discussions around topping, bottoming and anything In between. We’ll also tackle challenges and complexity specific to being a switch.

Maybe you’re still deciding if both ends of the paddle are right for you? Shy? That’s ok too. Come by, have a coffee and just listen.

Feel free to join our FetLife group here: [SF Bay Area Switch!][]

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