Tantra 101

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Dispel myths and embark on a transformative journey into the world of Tantra with our immersive workshop.

Join us for an enlightening and transformative journey into the world of Tantra. This immersive and inclusive event is designed to introduce you to the ancient art of Tantra, focusing on sacred connections, mindfulness, and sensuality.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn and explore the fundamental principles of Tantra in a safe and supportive environment. Our experienced Tantra facilitators will guide you through a series of interactive exercises, discussions, and meditations that will help you deepen your connection with yourself and others.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Introduction to Tantra: Discover the origins, philosophy, and principles of Tantra and how they can be applied to enhance your everyday life.
  • Learn the differences between traditional eastern tantra and western/American neo-tantra as well as what types of events are available for each.
  • Sacred Connections: Explore the art of conscious communication and learn how to establish deep, meaningful connections with others through trust, vulnerability, and intimacy.
  • Sensuality and Energy: Discover the power of your own sensual energy and explore ways to channel and balance it for personal growth and enhanced relationships.
  • Rituals and Ceremonies: Experience guided rituals and ceremonies designed to honor the sacredness of your own body, relationships, and the present moment.
  • Q&A and Discussion: Engage in open and respectful discussions with our knowledgeable instructors and fellow participants to address any questions or concerns you may have about Tantra.

Get your questions answered!

Whether you're curious about Tantra, seeking personal growth, or looking to deepen your connection with your partner or loved ones, Tantra 101 is a perfect starting point.

All individuals, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status, are welcome and encouraged to join this inclusive and non-judgmental event.

Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new perspectives as we embark on this journey together. Be prepared to leave with valuable insights, practical tools, and a renewed sense of connection with yourself and the world around you.

Note: This event does NOT involve s3xual activities. It is focused on spiritual and personal development within the context of Tantra. We will, however, discuss what affection based events are available within the relm of neo-tantra.

Secure your spot today and begin your transformative exploration of Tantra!

Only 24 spots available and we expect them to fill up fast so grab yours today!


  • Doors Open: 6:30pm
  • Event starts: 7:00pm (no one admitted after event begins)
  • Event ends: 10:00pm


  • Food and beverage to share.
  • Your own water in a closed-lid container.
  • Suggested: A pen with journal or notepad. (Lots of information will be given at this event!)
  • Kindly arrive clean and sober (NO ALCOHOL OR RECREATIONAL DRUGS).


Single $33; Couple $59.

This event is advertised in multiple places. (No online RSVP list is a full count of attendees.)

No Refunds, but you may apply your ticket price to the purchase of a ticket of one of my future events.


Private residence located in San Diego, CA. 92110


Our events are only open to legal adults (18+). Physical interactions should only be within the boundaries of full consent. Consent means being clear on what you are comfortable with and want to do and do not want to do. For example, only a verbal “Yes” means yes; anything else (including “Maybe” and “No”) mean no. By being fully clear, misunderstandings are avoided. Consent also means honoring the limitations of others.

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~ Shiva J is a Certified Tantra Educator, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Somatic Bodyworker, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Master NLP Practitioner who has been in the world of transformational work since 2003.

With a 20+ year career in the fitness world under his belt he suddenly found himself with a severe back injury that prevented him from continuing on that path. Around the same time he found himself facing divorce, bankruptcy and homelessness. Determined to rise from these pitfalls he began to study holistic wellness, and Tantra to help heal his body, mind and spirit. Having prevailed over a rather bleak and almost hopeless dark night of the soul he experienced a spiritual awakening and discovered his true calling as a healer, and community builder.

With his unique perspective of the mind, body, spirit connection he has helped thousands of clients transform their lives. He combines all of these unique tools along with his gift of insight to help his clients overcome any physical or mental challenge they may be currently experiencing in their lives.

When not at work doing what he loves, Shiva J can be found at a local internet cafe sipping a dirty chai latte, attending ecstatic dancing, a drum circle, or out hiking or biking local trails and if you can't find him at all, he has probably taken a sabbatical and gone hiking or camping someplace more exotic!

Shiva J is available for private sessions, workshops and retreats.

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