Tantric Latihan: Open Practice

The essence of the Latihan is to allow and follow the spontaneous inner movements from within. It is different and unique for each person

Tantric Latihan: Open Practice is a new offering at YDS for experienced members who are versed in the language of this practice. This space is different than our traditional Latihan in that the flow of the evening will be an open Tantirc Latihan space. To attend this Open Practice, you must have attended a Tantric Latihan or Liquid Love with Rachel & Alan in the past.

Evening Flow

6:45 PM Arrival

7:00 PM Tantric Latihan start time.

8:45 PM Reflection time

9:00 PM Clear the space

More information about Tantric Latihan..

Tantric Latihan - Let go of thoughts and attachments. Surrender to Connection, to yourself, to Source and to others at a soul level. Latihan is the practice of following your inner guidance and cultivating the space to tune in and be your authentic self, expressed in conscious movement in connection with self and others. The magic of Latihan is simple. Sometimes, when we are still and quiet, or in an unusual heightened state of awareness, we can be suddenly aware of this deeper life going on. The process of the Latihan reconnects us with something greater than ourselves and keeps this special awareness alive and active.

Latihan is an ancient Subud practice and in this context it has been re purposed for tantra through a lineage that can be traced back through Osho and adapted by Laurie Handlers as practiced in ISTA.

This is not a workshop. It is a life practice we are sharing in a communal space. We hope you integrate experience into your daily lives. This practice was taught to me by Laurie Handlers. One of her nicknames is "Latihan" as she embodies this practice in each moment as she lives her dream of traveling the world teaching and facilitating. You can follow her work here

Disclaimer: DreamSpace is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of comfort, safety, and connection for all our Latihan attendees. As part of our commitment to create an enchanting and harmonious experience, we will be thoughtfully curating the guest list for this event. Our selection process aims to maintain an inviting and balanced atmosphere that encourages genuine connections and fosters a sense of community. We appreciate your understanding and support in our efforts to make this a magical and unforgettable experience for everyone. 💖✨

What is your dream? How can you take one step towards that dream today? Join us for the Tantric Latihan Workshop and embark on a journey towards deeper self-awareness and connection. Welcome to Latihan...

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