Tantric Edge - Communal Energetic Release!

  • Hosted by Pagans Paradise
  • New York, NY - address sent to ticket holders
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Tantric Edge - Communal Energetic Release! Workshop 7:30-10 pm

Facilitated by Dominus Eros

Join us in the fun and enticing worlds of Tantra and Communal Energy!

This event is a solo practice and we do not pair people.

Find yourself missing group experiences that are bonding, spiritual and connective in fun ways. Dominus invites you to an event that induces communal energy with Tantric edging via guided self energetic pleasure practices. We honor our solo journey energy while adding to a communal pool of positive energy.

In a world where we have minimal interpersonal spiritual connection that honors our own bodies and desires we look to move from stagnate and blocked energy into a space where we are open to abundant energy of love and pleasure while releasing shame and judgments. Whether you are by yourself or with a loved one this event can introduce you to new ways of exploration that start with the self.

Tantric principles are used during this event. Tantra is an eastern practice that can include balancing sexuaI energy within the body to create pleasure and intimate healing energy. Breath techniques connect to create a heightened state of 0rgasmic energetic flow, without release to 'edge' or create extended time before the moment of ultimate release of energy might occur. Energetic Edging is a great practice to build intensity and lengthen the experience of any self practice to allow for a deeper and more connected session.

You will learn how to edge yourself, explore singular and multiple internal energetic releases, create tantric body waves, and connect with your breath and internal energy to heighten energetic sensations before ultimate energetic release.

Body movements, positions, breathwork and sound creation are used to find vibrations, frequencies, tones and patterns to elicit the wavelength that we want to enjoy and be present in. You will learn to move in and out of wavelengths of intensity and ultimately have full control of your mind, body and spirit with regards to intimate and sexual energy which becomes a gift to oneself.

The Workshop Experience: This is an in-person workshop in a beautiful and private studio space in Manhattan (near Union Square). The workshop will include 2.5 hours of discussion & instruction where you will be able to receive and explore new techniques and positions. If you desire, you may receive hands-on practice and demonstration. You will stay with yourself the entire time, we do not pair people up.

Desired Benefits: You will gain new ways to connect and bond with yourself and your partner that feel intimate, exciting and invigorating. You will be able to connect and explore your own relationship to this practice and all the yummy sensations possible.

  • Introduction to basic Tantric Theory
  • Safety protocol, negotiations, and aftercare
  • Group led meditative sequence using Kundalini Cobra Breath
  • Body movements and extended breathwork gets explored
  • Practical techniques and live demo - You will learn how to do things safely and effectively
  • Exploration of touch with spiritual intention
  • Yoni and Lingham Energetic Tantric self massage techniques and demonstration
  • Rising Kundalini Energy through awakening a full body energetic release
  • For optional self oil massage bring big towels and comfy minimal clothing
  • Group energetic free play with guided energetic edglng
  • Oil and more will be available to add to your session

What to bring?

  • Large towel/blanket, comfy minimal clothing, any items to enhance your personal experience
  • Open, curious minds

Workshop Tickets: Early Bird $30, Regular $40

NOTE: We encourage everyone to have an open mind as this is a fun, open and explorative learning environment. We practice and review informed & ongoing consent practices with an emphasis on mutual opt in desire. This workshop is open to all gender identifications, $exual orientations, lifestyles, and we do not pair anyone, this is not a hookup type of atmosphere.

This event is perfect and open for all experience levels.18+ for workshops. Refunds must be requested 7 days prior to the event. Doors open at 7:30pm and closes at 7:40 pm please be on time.


  • General Admission

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