Tease and Denial for Lovers (IRL!)

  • Hosted by Lola Jean
  • NY -

Looking to add excitement to your intimate time? Without going full-throttle BDSM, tease and denial is the most familiar way to dip a toe

Tickets are limited due to the event space and capacity. Exact location will be sent to all who purchase tickets.

Tease & Denial has long been a staple for many a kink practice, but you don't have to be the least bit kinky to engage and reap the fruits of your labor. Pleasure is something we are already familiar with, so now it's just a matter of playing with that.

Think of this as a lap dance for the entire body and mind.

Do you find yourself tongue tied, tripping over words, or unsure of what to say? Famed for her gift of gab, Lola Jean will dilute some of her tried and true dirty talk for beginners to help you mad-lib with the best of them.