The Art of REPAIR - 6 Week Virtual Course

6 - Week Online Group Course

The Art of REPAIR

Navigate conflict in a way that creates more connection and intimacy in all of your relationships.

February 21 - March 27, 2024 - 2 hour Classes, 5-7pm PST

Solo Prices: $375 (early bird) — $475 (regular price)

Couples Prices: $650 (early bird) — $750 (regular price)

Singles, Couples and Moresomes Welcome! Max class size 30.

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.” - Esther Perel

Fulfilling relationships thrive on our ability to skillfully navigate conflict.

Mistakes, tough emotions, challenging conversations and misunderstandings are part of every meaningful relationship.

  • Have you noticed a lack of connection from a backlog of unresolved ruptures?
  • Do you wish for more ease in broaching challenging conversations?
  • Do unresolved conflicts weigh down your relationships?
  • Is trust something you wish you could rebuild and strengthen?
  • Do you desire the skills to turn conflict into deeper connection and intimacy?

A roadmap to harmony, a toolkit of resilience, and a foundation of unwavering confidence. This program revolves around the transformative power of Dr. Hazel-Grace's revered 6-step REPAIR process. Discover the art of repairing conflicts, rebuilding trust, and reuniting in deeper intimacy.

Meaningful relationships will inevitably experience challenges. The health of our relationship is reflective of our ability to repair and learn from these ruptures.

In response, Hazel-Grace has developed a powerful REPAIR process for you to learn the skills that turn ruptures into intimate connection. Rather than being bad news, difficult moments can be powerful opportunities. With the right skills, they become doorways to deeper connection.

Generative Conflict - The ability to move through conflicts in such a way that creates MORE trust and connection.

Generative conflict can lead us to feel more intimately connected by understanding more about ourselves and each other. Rather than hoping our relationships will always be easy, we can learn the skills that bring us closer to the ones we love.

Through the REPAIR process generative conflict is possible.