The Art of Touch- Learn To Be a Better Lover

  • Escondido, CA -

The Art of Touch

Learn how to touch your lover in the most delicious ways!

Do you want to be a better lover?

This is not a massage class


This is a class on how to touch, and it is about the energy behind the touch and how to touch your partner from that energy. From the softest, feathery touch to the animalistic, rough, scratching types of touch. Bringing in the energy of the sensual to the erotic

Opening your being to more pleasure as the Giver AND the Receiver!


What will be Covered: 

Different ways to touch physically

Touching energetically

Opening deeper to presence

How intention & your mind effects your touch

Being invited to open to new sides of you in your touching

Learning to be a better giver and receiver

Deepen into your love and passion with your partner

All of this is to deepen into intimacy, be a better lover and fall deeper in love or back in love with your partner!


When: Saturday, August 19th 6:30-9pm

Where: In a private home Escondido (address sent in EMAIL once paid)

Price: $133.00 paid by August 10th/ $155.00 per Couple/Pairs


CHECK EMAIL for info after registering


For Couples & Paired Friends, no singles

*Space is limited to 8 Couples! Last class sold out!*



You can keep your bottom underwear on, bra or Al Naturale- your choice!

Being a touch-o-holic my whole life, healer and massage therapist I love teaching people how to touch! I love that this work brings so much bliss into peoples lives! My intention is to support people in having better love lifes on all levels!


If you want a listing of all my classes, please go to:



Refund policy: I do not give refunds. 

Transfers: If you need to cancel you can find someone to take your place, or if you are a couple, you need to find a couple to take your place or two singles willing to go together (if it's a couples event). If you are a single and you have promised to come with another single please keep your promise to that person. If you don't, you still owe the money to the person even if you cancel and can't go. Unless the other or you find a replacement for you. If you do find a replacement then you need to talk to me about switching out your name for theirs and they must register in place of you.

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