The Campout: A Summer Camp for Queer and Trans Grown-Ups

🏳️‍⚧️ The Campout 🏳️‍🌈

Blue Ridge, GA • May 30-June 4, 2024

A 5-night summer camp for queer & trans grown-ups, nestled on 250 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hosted by Feminist Sex Ed and special guest camp counselors.

Open to adults ages 21+

This is the place for you.

The Campout is a joyful summer camp focused on building queer community and connectedness.

The Campout is for queer and trans people (obvs), but who is it really for? ⤵️

✨ The person who knows they’re queer or trans, but isn’t ready (or interested) in coming out to the world

✨ The person who came out later in life, and feels like they haven’t been able to build community

✨ The person who had a tough childhood as a younger queer or trans person, and wants a bit of a do-over

✨ The social butterfly who loves making new friends everywhere they go (and who will probably become unofficial camp counselors)

✨ The babes whose preferred way to experience the outdoors is laying down on a picnic blanket and reading

✨ The person who is ready to stop diminishing their magical queer/trans self

✨ The person who wants to play — because sometimes, we need to be able to just be ourselves and unwind a bit

✨ The person who says “I don’t really know how to label myself” but has been opening these emails, time and time again, because you see yourself a little bit more here

In short — The Campout was designed for YOU. This is your space; you get to make it what you want and need.

What's Included

Registration fees vary based upon room type, but no matter which room you choose, all of the following things are included:

  • Your room
  • All food and drinks
  • A welcome gift bag valued at $400
  • All on-site activities & workshops
  • All off-site excursions
  • Roundtrip shuttle transport between ATL airport and the venue

What Isn't Included:

  • Your travel costs from your home to the Campout
  • Partner or friend add-on fees
  • Any excursions you decide to do on our own in town

For itinerary, guest counselor info, workshops, and more, visit this page:

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