The Connection Gym

Get ready to learn by analyzing your own experiences, including your feelings, physical sensations, and observable thoughts.

If you arrive later than 6:40pm, you will not be let in.

The Connection Gym is a social laboratory that focuses on the present moment experience within and how that impacts interpersonal interactions. You can expect a group, no more than 12 (with 1-2 facilitators).

Through practicing at this gym, you can increase self understanding, social awareness, responsible decision making, self leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Doors will open at 6:00 PM. T-Group begins at 6:30PM and extends until 8:30PM. Heartlab will be open after for at least 30 minutes for those who are looking to continue connecting!

3095 21st St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Important information:

+ Please don’t wear perfume.

+ This is a substance-free event.

+ This is a shoes off space so wear cute socks.

+ There is no sign for HeartLab. It’s the gated entrance around the corner from Limon.

+ Water and tea are provided. If you can, please bring a water bottle and a closed container for tea.

Public transportation:

We are located between 16th St and 24th St BART. Either BART stop works perfectly to help you get to us!

Local garages:

California Parking - Mission between 19th and 20th, entrance underneath the theater sign. $20. Open 24 Hours.

Mission Bartlett Garage - 3255 21st St. between Mission and Valencia. Open 7 AM to 10 PM $2 - $5 an hour, $27 for 12 hour maximum.


Dakota Quackenbush is the founder of Authentic Bay Area. She has been taking up space in the Authentic Relating world for the last 5+ years. Her background working in addiction and mental health already had her rooted in vulnerability, depth, and analyzing social dynamics when she found AR. Once discovered, she quickly began incorporating this technology into her everyday living. She is actively researching Authentic Relating’s Impact on Social Emotional Skills in Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relationships. Her focus in life is reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and making authentic, vulnerable connections the norm. Dakota regularly closes her eyes to connect to her emotions and physical sensations. When she’s not facilitating connection, she can be found writing poetry or dancing any time a beat comes on.

IG: @quitefranklydakota



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Authentic Bay Area:

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