The Food Project

  • Hosted by Den of Roses
  • Antioch, CA -
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The Den of Roses is hosting "The Food Project", an elegant evening of fine dining, high protocol, and dungeon play. Our Major Domo, @imprecious, upholds a high expectation for precision and will ensure that the s-types in attendance will gain real culinary skill. The D-types will arrive later in the evening to enjoy the best cuisine in a fun-filled and elegant atmosphere. After dining, the Den's dungeon and parlor rooms will be open for play.

5:30 s-type arrival for culinary and service training

7:30 D-type arrival for dining and discussion

9:00 Open play begins

Purchase your tickets HERE

As a Dom/Domme you may BYOs (bring your own submissive).

As a submissive, you may byoD (bring your own Domme).

Y/you do not need to be partnered in order to participate. W/we will be sure to make sure all guests are well taken care of.

Dress protocol:

CDns (Clothed Dom, Nude Sub) – Dom/Dommes clothed, semi-formal, elegant fetish-wear. submissives little to nothing or nude (up to your comfort level)

Protocol guidelines will be given upon purchase of your tickets and on-site basic service training can be given on-site as needed.

This will be held at a private residence so occupancy is limited and vetting is required.

You must reply GOING to be considered and to begin the vetting process if you are not already vetted with the Den. "Maybe" will be considered as your way of helping us promote our event but will not trigger the process of approved attendance.

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