The Intimacy Hour - Conversations on Love, Sex, and Relationships

Interactive Talk + Q&A about Love, Sex, & Relationships. Topics are crowdsourced by you, and sometimes include a meditation or exercise.

The Intimacy Hour is an easy, relaxed vibe to learn about the many aspects of Tantra, and how they apply to love, sex, and intimacy. Whether you're dating or in relationship, there's something for all.

Intimacy Hour is a co-created interactive experience. You can ask any questions about on the topic or anything you want to know about relationship, intimacy, tantra, connection, etc.

What we'll do?

  • Have a brief talk about a love/sex/relationship topic. Sometimes we will choose one; sometimes we will let the room choose one.
  • Q&A after the talk
  • Sometimes there is an optionally offered guided meditation or tantra exercise, as dicated by the questions we get asked. This may be a solo exercise, with another partner, or with the group (you are encouraged to participate at your own comfort level)

After the event you will:

  • Feel refreshed with vibrant connection
  • Have picked up a few tips or new concepts related to sex, love, and relationships or dating matters of the heart
  • Be more connected to your self and possibly others
  • Have discovered a new community of cool and conscious people!

**Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not sex based, explicit or pornographic. This is an educational lecture-based weekly series.



*This is open to the public. Zoom link will be provided closer to the event.

**We'll resume Sunday schedule in April.

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