The Lovers Essential Toolbox: From Sensual Basics to Erotic Mastery

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The Lovers Essential Toolbox: From Sensual Basics to Erotic Mastery with Reid, Monique, and Lawrence, the Trio is returning to Austin!!

The Lovers Essential Toolbox: From Sensual Basics to Erotic Mastery

:"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."- Paulo Coelho

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary 2.5-day adventure with Monique Darling, Reid Mihalko, and Lawrence Lanoff. Hosted by our very own "Tantra Daddy" Robert Skinner, this workshop is a deep dive into the realms of pleasure, connection, and self-discovery.

�� Your Transformative Journey:

- Shedding Limitations: Release old values and myths, opening yourself to a world where you play, grow, and thrive in pleasure.

- Pleasure Redefined: Experience the depths of ecstasy and power, exploring your body potential through the lens of Tantra.

- Honoring the Body: View your body as a temple of divine pleasure, learning to interpret its signals, especially during intimacy.

�� What You will Experience:- Erotic Demos: Witness and participate in live demonstrations that explore the art of sensual and sxxual pleasure.

- The Art of Dirty Talk: Learn to verbally express your desires and fantasies, enhancing intimacy and connection.

- Intimate Group and One-on-One Experiences: Engage in guided activities that allow for personal exploration and shared experiences.

- Unlocking Desires: Discover what holds you back and how to confidently ask for what you want in your erotic adventures.- Menu of Desires & Taboo Feasting: Explore a variety of desires, indulging in the pleasures that are often left unspoken.

- Energy Sxx and Love-Making Exploration: Experience a new realm of intimacy that goes beyond the physical.

- Kink, Pressure, Body Weight, and Sound: Learn innovative ways to enhance pleasure in every one of your connections.

�� Skills and Insights:

- Practical Techniques: Boost your sxxual confidence with new techniques, tips, and understanding of both your body and your partner's bodies.

- Communication and Consent: Engage in flirtation and negotiation with comfort and confidence, making consent conversations naturally sexy.

- Comprehensive Learning: From oral techniques to understanding the nuances of erotic anatomy, you'll gain a holistic understanding of pleasure.

�� A Deep Dive into Pleasure:

- Various Modalities of Touch Shared: Explore kink, Tantric massage, sensual touch, and other practices to increase full-body pleasure.

- Personal Growth: Reinforce your ability to engage in solo, one-on-one, or group play. Learn to express and respect boundaries.

- Emotional Release: Let go of shame and old narratives, claiming your right to pleasure and passion.

�� Inclusive and Empowering: This workshop welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, experience, or relationship status. Its a safe space for the shy, the bold, and everyone in between.

��️ Unique Opportunities:

- Interactive Learning: Engage in activities at your comfort level, with respect for personal boundaries always being a priority.

- A Safe Space: All activities are optional, and voyeurism is respected as a form of participation.

�� Why This Workshop Is Essential:

With the rare reunion of these three sxx and relationship experts, you're getting decades of wisdom and experience. They've pioneered and refined methods for creating safe, erotic, and intimate spaces globally and are now ready to share their insights with YOU!

�� Secure Your Place:

Join us for a life-changing experience that promises to uplift, educate, and empower you in your erotic and personal journey.

This experiential immersion is more than an event; it's a turning point towards a more fulfilled, confident, and pleasurable life.

Book your spot now and be part of this unique, empowering, and sensual exploration!Love Exchange early bird $249, Reg Admission $299, Last Min $349 Pairs $499

Hours Fri March 1 700-Midnight (Optional Taboo exploration and Temple Party)

Sat and Sunday March 2 and 3, 11:00-5:30 pm with an hour break for lunch.

Sat Night We have an additional Latihan Tantric Temple night with Peter Petersen joining the fun, you can get $25 off with code JUICY25 more info here:

About Your Facilitators:

ABOUT REID MIHALKO: As seen on NETFLIX' "Chelsea Does..." alongside Chelsea Handler, Reid Mihalko (he/him) of is an internationally known sxx and relationship geek who helps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence, and greater health and accountability in their relationships and sxx lives using an inspiring mixture of humor, personal stories, keen insight, and comprehensive sxxual health information.

In early 2018, some very brave people came forward during #MeToo sharing harms that Reid had caused them. Reid stepped down from teaching and initiated a restorative justice-based accountability process to address his misconduct and make amends if and where possible. The formal, year-long process along with Reid’s apology and resources were shared publicly and can be found at

Going forward, Reid’s projects and appearances will include pointing people towards resources and experts on restorative and transformative justice-based accountability processes.

Reid’s workshops and college lectures have been attended by over 60,000 people from all over the globe. He has appeared in media such as Oprah's Our America With Lisa Ling on OWN, NETFLIX, Montel, Dr. Phil's The Doctors on CBS, Bravo's Miss Advised, Fox News, in Newsweek, Seventeen, GQ, The Washington Post, and in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

Reid is also founder of Sxx Geek Summer Camp, Sxx Geek Conservatory, and Sxx Geek School for Gifted Sxx Geeks, which help sxx educators learn valuable business skills that allow them to reach more people with greater ease, transform more lives, and make a better living as sxxperts.

Follow @ReidAboutSex on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.Lawrence Lanoff, Sedona, AZ, one of the most fascinating people on the teaching landscape is Lawrence Lanoff. Truly a renaissance man, Lawrence is a film director, photographer, author… and a deeply enlightened healer and teacher. He calls himself a “rubber meets the road kinda guy” as he applies this practical essence to his artistic and spiritual skills over a 20 year span, to an amazing array of disciplines, starting with a couple of dream jobs – the directing of movies and as a photographer for Playboy Magazine.

Over the past several years, Lawrence has been in a process of refining his radical teachings, leading people into a new kind of freedom, literally deprogramming them from the sleep imposed by cults and religions. What is slowly evolving is a revolutionary new theory of consciousness that incorporates evolution, symbolism, metaphor, neurobiology, and their relationship to healing, spiritual evolution, and neuro-economics — the neural pathways that influences our deepest feelings about self worth and money, and, of course, sex and relationships.

Monique Darling, Author of 'Beyond Cuddle Party' and workshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 3000 workshops in the past 13 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have.

Monique has taught at colleges across the US including Yale. She has been featured on TLC and The Dr’s as well as various radio shows, podcasts and magazines across the globe. She specializes in helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom. Her primary purpose is helping folks bring out their vulnerability, energetic embodiment and fearless relating.

Learn more about Monique by going to

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